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Ready to raise your voice for a people’s budget? Want to multiply participatory budgeting’s impact? We welcome you to join our team of supporters as a PB AmplifierHelp us grow PB by becoming a PB Amplifier today!

PB Amplifiers are supporters who commit to making a recurring donation to PBP and spreading the word about PB. They want to grow and deepen PB, and they contribute their support and voices to make this happen.

  • DONATE: At least $10 per month on a recurring basis.
  • ENGAGE: Receive special opportunities to train and volunteer with us!
  • AMPLIFY: Share our announcements, posts, and requests via FacebookTwitter, and email!

See more info about PB Amplifiers here.

  • Starter Level: $10 / month
  • Level 1: $25 / month
  • Level 2: $50 / month
  • Level 3: $83 / month
Who's donating: from New York, NY donated. Thank you!
Contributions are tax deductible.