Celebrate with Shari Davis by Spreading Democracy

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Here's 30 of the (many) ways Shari spread democracy in the year before she turned 30, and how you can celebrate and elevate with her on her 30th birthday:

  1. Challenged young leaders at the Aspen Challenge in Philadelphia to use PB in their schools to create racial equity - and to make democracy more transparent and equitable.
  2. Inspired students in Philadelphia to launch PB in their schools - and supported them in leading PB.
  3. Spoke at Boston University in an Alumni Speaker series to empower students to get involved in government.
  4. Trained City Staff and community members in Fresno, Denver, and Victoria, British Columbia in preparation to lead PB in their communities.
  5. Supported Caltrans in pursuing a revolution opportunity for civic engagement through PB.
  6. Spoke on a women-powered panel about advocacy at the San Francisco Women’s Building.
  7. Elevated student power during an incredible PB Vote Week in Phoenix - with an 83% voter turnout rate!
  8. Kicked off the first PB process to do PB with county funds in the U.S. in Merced County.
  9. Spoke about PB and its possibilities in unions at the AFL-CIO in Minnesota.
  10. Got out the vote at elementary schools, senior community centers, libraries, and more with the first PB process to do PB with federal funds in Oakland.
  11. Partnered with Rock the Vote to spread tips and tools for PB processes across North America to rock their PB Votes.
  12. Facilitated a discussion with the Jefferson Center about ways to lead difficult discussions.
  13. Shared about how to run record-breaking outreach with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.
  14. Collaborated with  Public Agenda to train community leaders and innovators on PB and public engagement.
  15. Built a team of national and regional partners to host an international conference on Innovations in Participatory Democracy in Phoenix, AZ - join us!
  16. Met with students, educators, and advocates at an Action Civics convening in Philadelphia.
  17. Guest starred as “Professor Davis” at a Summer School in Montreal to talk with graduate students of Participedia about PB.
  18. Trained an inspiring group of high school students to facilitate a mock PB process and teach their peers and teachers about PB in Sacramento.
  19. Went LIVE on Facebook with three inspiring young people - to inspire more young people to lead PB in their schools and communities.
  20. Spoke with teachers and administrators at the Mikva Challenge about ways to work even stronger together.
  21. Led a workshop on Technology Tools for Human-Centered Engagement at the International Observatory of Participatory Democracy in Montreal.
  22. Participated in Career Day at Boston’s McCormick Middle School.
  23. Gave a keynote address at ChangingPlacesNZ in New Zealand.
  24. Helped “bring voice to action” at CityCamp in Oakland.
  25. Was featured fighting for PB in CSMFO’s Magazine (California Society of Municipal Finance Officers).
  26. Connected with elected officials and community leaders building participatory democracy while presenting in Portugal.
  27. Led two staff retreats with the Participatory Budgeting Project team to strengthen PBP’s mission, vision, and work.
  28. Participated in Generation Citizen Civics Day with powerful young leaders.
  29. Shared about PB with motivated community leaders in New Zealand.
  30. Entered her 30th year of elevating youth leadership and community voices.


To celebrate the impacts Shari's already made, and magnify these impacts, join her in giving the gift of democracy.

From Shari:

"Before joining PBP, I worked in youth development in Boston for over a decade. I’ve made it my mission to ensure that young people are respected and included as the experts they are in building healthy communities that will be reflective of generations to come. Young people should no longer be thought of as FUTURE leaders because I know that our dynamic young people can lead with us TODAY - if offered a platform and real support.

To make this happen, I’d like to raise at least $5,000 to sponsor 5 young people to attend the International Innovations in Participatory Democracy. These young people will share their expertise, learn about strategies to spread REAL democracy, and get tools to make real changes in their schools and communities.

Will you join me in offering this platform and real support?

I've already donated $130 dollars to spread democracy, celebrate with me by matching my gift or contributing what you can."

Who's donating: from Boston, MA donated. Thank you!
$520.90 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.

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